About Me


My name is Laura and I love to run. I began running as a way to keep active after my collegiate tennis career ended in 1998. I ran my first marathon (and first race ever!) at the 1999 Chicago Marathon. Since then, I have completed more than a dozen marathons, and have lost count how many half marathons. Now, running is an integral part of my daily life! As the Director of the Norman Runhers, my goal is to inspire women in all seasons of life to pursue their own version of health and happiness. I am also a Bibrave Pro who loves staying connected as much as possible to other runners around the world.

My husband is a Division 1 collegiate tennis coach and I teach 5th grade. We live in Norman, Oklahoma with our two amazing boys who are absolutely obsessed with soccer. We are a sports loving family of four who recently made the transition to a vegan lifestyle in May 2015. My husband and I are committed to live our life to its fullest potential. We are passionate about constantly challenging ourselves in all areas of life: Mind, Body and Spirit. Our goal is to live joyfully and stay present in each moment. We have eternal gratitude for our journey so far and are excited to share more of our journey going forward. For more about our joint adventures, follow us at Two Kids and a Spouse!


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