BibRave Pro

IMG_3194In May 2015, I was honored to have been accepted as a Bibrave Pro. What’s a Bibrave Pro? Well, we are a group of runners who write reviews about different races around the country, and sometimes even around the world. We love races of every distance, from the local 5K to ultra-marathons! Our reviews can be found at our home website, . Sometimes it can be tough to decide on which race you’d like to run, especially if it’s a big goal race. Or maybe you’re planning a trip to a new place and would love to run a race while you’re there. Each Bibrave review includes ratings on cost, swag, expo quality, course scenery, aid stations, parking/access, elevation, and overall experience. We’re here to help you make the a well-informed decision about which races you may decide to run.

In addition to races, we are also given opportunities to review and try out running related products. Here are just a few companies we have partnered with to try their products. Be sure to click on the links to read my reviews of specific products I have had the privilege of testing!


In addition to reviewing new products, I also have the opportunity to run races for Bibrave! I will be at the following races this year:

Interested in becoming a Bibrave Pro? You can apply here! Tell them Laura M. sent you!


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